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We are Importer and Distributor Do Wholesale Pure Copper Cuffs Non-Magnetic Bangle Bracelets in Bulk and Dozen lot As well as Hematite Necklaces, Hematite Bracelets, Hematite Rings and Hematite Earrings, also Paua Shell Bracelets and Anklets, Mood Rings, Shark Teeth Necklaces, Shark Teeth Pendants, Bone Necklaces, Sterling Silver Jewelry and more...,  TO PLACE YOUR ORDER PLEASE READ FIRST OUR WHOLESALE TERMS , you can order by Phone/Fax or Use Our Order Form.
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NEW Wholesale Copper Cuffs Bangle Bracelets
NON-Magnetic Copper Bangles

Pure Copper Cuffs Magnetic Bracelets

NON-Magnetic Copper Bangles Prices:

# PCC-1 ($2.50 EA.) # PCC-6 ($1.80 EA.)
# PCC-2 ($2.50 EA.) # PCC-7 ($1.80 EA.)
# PCC-3 ($1.80 EA.) # PCC-8 ($1.80 EA.)
# PCC-4 ($1.80 EA.) # PCC-9 ($1.80 EA.)
# PCC-5  ($1.80 EA.) # PCC-10 ($1.80 EA.)


Pure Copper Cuffs
# PCC-300
Pure Copper Cuffs Price $18.00 DOZEN

100 PC. DEAL

Pure Copper Bnagles
# PCC-100
100 PC. Mixed Pure Copper Bangles Price $135.00/100 PC.

What Is Pure Copper Bracelets ?

TIP For Your Customer: Naturally Pure Copper is Fast Oxidizing Metal, Which Is Very Important Process To Happen If Your Customer Wants To Benefit From Wearing Copper Bracelet, But If Desired Our Pure Copper Cuffs Can Be Easily Cleaned And Shined Again Just By Adding Few Drops of Lemon Juice Or Ketchup On It And Rub It Between Fingers For few Seconds, Rinse With Water, Dry It And That Is All.

Benefit From Wearing Pure Copper Bracelets:

 Usually People Benefits From Copper Bracelets When They Worn And Exposed To The Open Air After A Day Or So They Become Oxidized With Some Green Color (Patina) On Them So the Body Can Absorb The Pure Copper.



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